Original IP

With a view to capturing the essence of Indian Culture and presenting it in an interesting and entertaining format to the global community, Accel Animation (a division of Accel Media) has created a range of original animated content as Original IP. Created using the latest tools and expertise, the fully 3D Animated content is unique to be undertaken for the specific genre. The content is in the form of episodes created for children which have depictions of humorous instances to thought provoking insights taken from traditional Indian tales. All episodes have been harmonized to be in adherence to world standards in quality and technical finesse.

Distribution rights available for various geographies.

Indian Fables (Ek Tha Jungle)

Raju the Rickshaw


This 3D Animated series for children in the 5 to 7 years age group is adapted from the popular Panchatantra animal stories and is incorporated with the teachings of the centuries old Thirukural writings of famed poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar. It is depicted with popular animals in a jungle, each with their own personalities and ideologies. The adaptation of lessons from the famous book Thirukural, which is a repository of messages for righteous and harmonius living, adds value to this portrayal and makes it unique. Each lesson is adapted into an engrossing and lively episode involving the various jungle characters. Real life characterisation and identifiable situations make it an interesting and entertaining watch..

3D Animated series in HD
26 x 11 minutes
Age group 5–  7 yrs.

This HD 3D Animated series features a young, friendly and colorful Rickshaw, popular in India and other Asian Countries. Fondly called Raju, the rickshaw along with his friends, live in a village called Funpur, and get into humorous and difficult situations only to come out fine through witty and clever maneuvers. Short tales of 7 minutes each narrated in 78 episodes, the characters and the locales are an instant hit with pre-schoolers in the 3 to 6 years age group. Easily identifiable characterization and real life situation make this a fun watch even for all in the family, conveying lessons in character building and socially harmonious living. It is for the first time that the popular Auto-rickshaw has been personified to such an extent. (Under license from Kahani World – Canada)

3D Animated series in HD
78 x 7 minutes each
Age group 3 – 6 yrs.

Based on the popular yogic hero Shaktimaan, which ran for several years on Indian TV, this 2D animated adaptation of a live action series is for children in the 6 – 9 years age group. Accel Media has taken the series to the next level with Visual Effects technologies suitable for the global audience. A thoroughly entertaining and visually delightful presentation of the adventures of Shaktimaan (translation: powerful person) who draws power from Yogic Influences and single-handedly fights the forces of evil in various forms to restore justice. (Co-produced with Reliance BIG Animation)

2D animated series
26 x 22 minutes each
Age group 6 – 9 years.